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Boluda Division Industrial SL Boluda Division Industrial SL B-Industrial SME Spain www.boludaindustrial.com

B-Industrial Division is a specialised multi-spoke industrial company established over 40 years ago with a special emphasis on general and specialised welding processes, products and the fabrication business. In recent years the business has developed rapidly into a major supplier of components, sub assembly and assemblies to a wide range of markets from commercial manufacturers through to conveying equipment, construction and general engineering. Located in a highly industrious zone in Barcelona the company aims to respond according to our client’s needs and requirements. Our policy of continuous investment in R&D equipment and technology ensures we stay at the leading edge maintaining our reputation for quality products with a service to match. The company is attempting to move into the renewable energy sectors and the opportunities presented by the RenewX project are an excellent fit to our needs.
Role: With a strong manufacturing and installation background, B-Industrial will play a key role in ensuring the manufacturability of the proposed RenewX technology such that it can achieve commercial success. This will allow the SME-AGs to develop a product that can be readily distributed or licenced to their respective memberships.
PSC Member:  Francesc Martinez