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Description: pompyciepla Polish Heat Pump Association PSPC SME AG Poland www.pspc.pl
Description: PCPCis a member of the European Heat Pump Association EHPA. The basic objectivesand tasks of Polish Heat Pump Association (PSPC) is to have the best technology dissemination in heating / cooling, while securing a high standard of workmanship and installation service users. During the year of the Directive 2009/28/EC of 23 April 2009, the realization of these objectives has been extremely difficult for heat pumps, the practical absence of such legislation on the Renewable Energy Sources (RES). In the new situation, it became possible to undertake a wider range of tasks, the main ones include the following:
  • raising awareness about renewable energy, including heat pumps, in particular as the best technology, heating / cooling,
  • promotion and dissemination of information about the "good examples" installation of heat pumps
  • support for companies and investors, heat pumps, through the dissemination of information about changes in the law, the possibilities of obtaining support and solving conflict situations,
  • cooperation with bodies of state administration and local government to adapt Polish law concerning the heat pump to the requirements of the European Union and national conditions,
  • Training and certification according to European standards in accordance with Directive 2009/28/EC of 23 April 2009
  • monitoring of heat pumps as part of RES in the supply of heat, for the purposes of Polish settlement obligations concerning the use of RES
  • preparation of opinions, evaluations and technical and economic expertise for the installation of heat pumps,
  • cooperation with scientific research institutes of technology, heating / cooling using heat pumps,
  • monitor and analyse the situation of the Polish market of heat pumps.
Role: PSPC supports the growing heat pump industry in Poland and aims to ensure their industry is at the cutting edge of heat pump technology. In RenewX PSPC will provide the perspective of their members and will disseminate project results via existing media as well asspecial training events.
PSC Member: Brunon Grochal